Dangerous Game

Dangerous Game Safaris

Our 380 thousand hectare concession on the Southern shore of Cahorra Bassa dam is a vast area of old Africa bush, where exciting encounters with elephant, buffalo, lion, and leopard can be expected.

Crocodiles lurk along the rivers and waterfront, and pods of hippos grunt and bellow in the coves and inlets.


16 Day Elephant Safari Day rate (US$1600/day) US$ 25600
Trophy fee US$ 18000
10 Day Buffalo Safari Dayrate (US$1500/day) US$ 15000
Trophy fee US$   5500
10 Day Hippo/ Croc Safari Day rate (US$1200/day) US$ 12000
Trophy fee Hippo US$   4000
Trophy fee Croc US$ 4500
14 Day Leopard Safari Day rate (US$1500/day) US$ 21000
Trophy fee US$ 5000
18 Day Lion Safari Day rate (US$1450/day) US$ 26100
Trophy fee US$ 15000
7 day Sable safari Day rate (US1200) US $ 8400
Trophy fee US$ 5500