One hunter and one professional hunter US$ 500
Two hunters and one professional hunter US$ 440
Observers (per person) US$ 287
Transfers (local per vehicle) US$ 500
Transfers (extended per vehicle – 500km plus) US$750
Concession fees (per day if applicable) US$   75



16 Day Elephant Safari Day rate (US$1600/day) US$ 25600 Trophy fee US$ 18000
10 Day Buffalo Safari Day rate (US$1500/day) US$ 15000 Trophy fee US$   5500
10 Day Hippo/ Croc Safari Day rate (US$1200/day) US$ 12000 Trophy fee Hippo US$   4000
Trophy fee Croc US$ 4500
14 Day Leopard Safari Day rate (US$1500/day) US$ 21000 Trophy fee US$ 5000
18 Day Lion Safari Day rate (US$1450/day) US$ 26100 Trophy fee US$ 15000
7 day Sable safari Day rate (US1200) US $ 8400 Trophy fee US$ 5500



Rate dependent on tour selected – each tour is customized and quoted accordingly.


  1. Full-time services of a professional hunter, trackers, skinners and camp staff
  2. Full accommodation including all meals, soft drinks, and South African table wines
  3. Well-equipped and maintained four wheel drive vehicle per professional hunter
  4. Daily laundry services where possible
  5. Field preparation of trophies
  6. Cost of game licenses (excluding dangerous game, Roan, Sable, and Crocodile)


Harris and Phelan Safaris reserves the right to amend the published prices, with due notice.


Species Price
Blesbuck US$   625
Bontebok On application
Bushbuck Cape US$ 1375
Bushbuck Limpopo US$ 1385
Buffalo bull from US$8000
Bushpig US$ 755
Blue Duiker US$ 1800
Grey Duiker US$   550
Red Duiker US$ 1800
Eland Cape US$ 2650
Eland Livingstone US$ 2650
Gemsbuck US$ 1750
Giraffe US$ 3550
Grysbok Cape US$ 1650
Grysbok Sharpes US$   950
Hartebeest Red US$ 1500
Hyaena On application
Impala US$   550
Klipspringer US$   1750
Kudu Cape US$ 1850
Kudu Southern Greater US$ 2500
Lechwe On application
Lynx US$ 1350
Nyala US$ 3350
Oribi US$ 2535
Ostrich US$ 685
Reedbuck Common US$ 1200
Reedbuck Mountain US$ 1250
Rhebuck Vaal US$ 2750
Roan On application
Sable On application
Springbuck Black US$ 1100
Springbuck Common US$ 650
Springbuck White US$ 1050
Steenbuck US$ 750
Suni US$ 3050
Tsessebe US$ 3785
Warthog US$ 650
Waterbuck US$ 2350
Wildebeest Black US$ 1350
Wildebeest Blue US$ 1150
Zebra Burchells US$ 1500
Zebra Cape Mountain On application


Mozambique specials; Cahorra Bassa

7 day crocodile $9750 trophy price included
7 day hippo $10750 Hippo cow (hippo cow 2000 included)
$12750 Hippo bull  (bull trophy 4000 included)
7 day hippo/croc combination $12750 Hippo cow and crocodile trophy fees included
$14750 Hippo bull  and crocodile trophy fees included
10 day leopard $22000 including leopard trophy fee of $5000
Baits – goats $50 ea

Add on;

Transfer return from Tete $500

Hunters card $150

Firearms permit $150 per firearm



  1. The client agrees to abide by the professional hunter’s decision to kill any animal wounded or shot at by the client, or if in the professional hunter’s opinion, it is a threat to human life or is suffering.
  2. The decision by the professional hunter with regard to paragraph 1 above, will be final and binding on the client for full payment whether the animal is found and recovered or not.
  3. The client’s decision to fire upon a trophy animal exonerates the outfitter and professional hunter of any liability relating to the quality or subsequent measurement of such trophy.
  4. The client agrees that all photos and videos taken during a safari may be used as promotional material.
  5. All clients should ensure that they are fully acquainted with their weapons before the safari and that correct calibres for the animal to be hunted are carried. The outfitter or agent accepts no responsibility for poor shooting or time required to follow up wounded or missed animals. Clients are advised to contact the outfitter or agent for advice on suitable calibres, bullet weights and legal minimum calibres.
  6. The main African hunting season is from March to October. Any client wishing to hunt during the summer season (November – February) must be aware that climatic conditions diminish chances of a high success rate when compared with the main hunting season. High temperatures and difficult trophy recoveries during summer months may also adversely affect trophy quality (e.g. decomposition and/or hair slip)
  7. Clients are advised to consult the safari outfitter on climatic conditions likely to prevail during their safari in order to enable them to equip with adequate clothing.
  8. The client’s attention is drawn to the fact that there are certain inherent risks involved in participating in the types of safaris or tours offered by the safari outfitter or its agents and that, by placing a deposit to reserve a safari, the clients accept these risks as their own.
  9. By contracting to the safari outfitter for a safari or tour, the client and all companions who accompany him/her on such as safari or tour accept that they have read and understood the entire contents of this document, and current brochure and price list.
  10. Prices may be subject to change upon written notice to the client.



  1. South African Value Added Tax (VAT) currently set at 14% payable on all services – including animals wounded and lost and not exported.
  2. Accommodation and touring prior to and following the safari – quotes can be arranged on prior notice with high quality guides.
  3. Trophy fees – published and unpublished.
  4. Hunting license fees, CITES fees and permits for Lion, Leopard, Hippo, Rhino, Elephant, Giraffe, Roan, Sable and Crocodile unless otherwise stated.
  5. Animals used for Lion and Leopard bait – these are charged at non-trophy rates, and any additional baiting vehicle is charged at US$180 per day.
  6. Concession fees – which may from time to time be required on certain hunting areas, will be quoted separately.
  7. Hire of firearms – this is available at an extra rate of US$45 per day plus ammunition.
  8. Disinfecting, packing and forwarding trophies to local destinations – this is undertaken in accordance with veterinary regulations where applicable and charged at an additional US$25 per plains game trophy and between US$100 and US$500 for large trophies.
  9. Dipping and freighting internationally – this is carried out in compliance with strict veterinary regulations prior to issue of export permits from South Africa, or import permits into the USA or other countries, by an agent of your choice.
  10. Gratuities for all staff.
  11. Spirits and personal expenses.
  12. Travel, medical, cancellation and loss insurance, and medivac insurance are not included, but recommended.
  13. Charter or other air flights to and from hunting areas in South Africa or other countries.
  14. Transfers from international and local airports to hunting areas – this is charged at an additional US$300 per vehicle for local transfers and US$500 per vehicle for extended long distance transfers.
  15. Additional vehicle hire for road transport of family and observers to and from hunting areas or for touring / game viewing.